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Single Room Packages

Our Single Room Packages



Do you have a room you’re stuck on? Not really sure which way to go with it?

But you feel confident going out shopping and putting a look together yourself using your design direction and floor plan? PLANNED is for you.



So we have worked out your look and how the room should function but your still dreaming of a professionally styled room? STYLED is for you. With your personalized mood board you can see exactly how your new room will look and then its as easy as you ticking off your shopping list in your own time!



Can’t find the time to finish off that one room? Would you rather everything delivered to your front door? Maybe your not feeling confident with styling your room once its all been delivered. SHOPPED is for you. You also score some huge discounts on your products when purchased with our trade discounts!

Multi Room Packages

Our Full House/Multi Room Packages



Just moved into your new home? Or maybe you have never been happy with the layout you picked?

PLANNED is perfect for showing you a complete overview of how your property should flow, what kind of furniture would work and the sizing that would fit best. We talk about each room with you and define the design direction, purpose and overall feel of each room. Leaving you feeling clear and confident we then hand over to you to get styling!


Price On Application

Lets get styling! With a mood board for every room in your home along with your own shopping list, you can tick of your items at your pace.

Shopping for a whole house can be over whelming but our shopping lists break it down into either retailers or into rooms depending on your preference. STYLED not only provides you a completed look for each room but also saves you so much time scrolling trying to find the items your home needs.


Price On Application

Want to go all in? Ever dreamed of having your whole house styled by a professional stylist?

We take all the hard work out of it so you can just sit back and enjoy the process. We spend hours ensuring every small detail is completely cohesive whilst sticking to your budget. After you are 100% happy with each rooms design, we will get to work getting everything delivered to your property. If your wanting a complete transformation of your home SHOPPED is absolutely for you.


Got Questions?

We have put together some of our frequently asked questions which we have answered for you!

Budget Calculator

New home? Getting round to furnishing the rest of the house? Or are you wanting to overhaul a space you’ve never been happy with?

Working out how much it will cost you can be challenging (especially if you haven’t done it before!) 

Take the guess work out of it and let us add it up for you!