Meraki Property Styling


Our Approach

Why we really do want to get to know you!

At Meraki we aim to have a personable and approachable service, making interior decorating easily accessible. Everyone has a unique taste and a different vision for their home, that’s why all of our work is completely customized to YOU.

We believe the environment in which you surround yourself with is so important. We want to get to know not only what you want to see in your home but how you want to feel in each space.

Do you feel calm at the beach?
Lets bring in natural and blue tones through your bedroom.
Maybe your mind is clearest in nature?
Lets add greens and foliage to your home office.

We pride ourselves in taking the time to get to know the functionality of each room for you as well as making it look insta-worthy!

Meraki meaning

To do something with soul, creativity and love.  To leave part of yourself in your work

Its about YOU.

As much as we all love to follow the latest trends, we also encourage all of our clients to look a little deeper than what the latest and greatest is on Instagram and define their true style for themselves. By focusing on what you really love to see in a space, will then create longevity in your purchases rather than wanting to do an overhaul again once the trends have passed.

We have created a “Identify your style” look book for you to do just that!


Got Questions?

We have put together some of our frequently asked questions which we have answered for you!